Comtesse de la Haye was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 2005 by the designer Johanna Schafarschik. After the brand initially explored several incarnations including a full womenswear collection, Comtesse de la Haye is now focused on Fine Accessories and handmade Jewellery.

The Comtesse de la Haye name comes from Johanna’s French aristocratic ancestor Florentine de la Haye. The prominent feature of the logo the Peacock, symbolizes purity and natural beauty, and proudly represents the refined elegance of the Belle Époque as well as the Comtesse de la Haye brand.

The uniquely designed and lovingly made collection of Accessories and Jewellry show a fascination with intricate detailing, elegance and beauty at its purest. Fine traditional materials and sometimes unusual elements combined with luxurious embellishments to create pieces of refined taste which echo back to the elegance of Florentine’s past.